We have worked hard over recent years to ensure our impact on the environment is minimised and that our waste is at an absolute minimum. Our key environmental highlights include;



  • Our barrier VSP and MAP trays incorporate a core of renewably sourced plant based plastic that reduces the overall content of petroleum derived plastic. These trays are fully recyclable in PET waste streams.

  • All our PET and LDPE production waste is granulated or compacted and then sent back to plastic manufacturers for recycling into the same raw material (ie a closed loop) or where not possible it is used to make other plastic products.

  • PVC off cuts from our fabrication workshop is collected and sent back to manufacturers for recycling

  • Other types of plastic off cuts are collected and retained for re-use by ourselves or made available to local schools and clubs for tuition and projects


  • Our general waste is separated into recyclable bins for collection by contractors


For more information about the use and recycling of plastics, try the links below.